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Κλήρωση Δώρων 2020




ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΗ ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 20/06/2020 17.30


Καλοκαιρινή ένδυση 2020


NightWalk 26/2 20:30

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Εγκατασταση Trip computer σε Α4 Β7

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Εχω το Α4 Β7 diesel 2005 με cruise control ....βρηκα μοχλο με reset και το παρηγκηλα απο ebay ,θα το κανω εγκατασταση κλπ....

η ερωτηση ειναι με το vag com πως το ενεργοποιω ? για την κωδικοποιηση αναφερομαι και εισης αυτο το καλωδιο  στην περιπτωση που δεν διαθετετε αισθητηρα πληρωσης υγρου υαλοκαθαριστηρων  ? που ακριβως συνεεται ? ευχαριστω.....


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Ψαχνοντας βρηκα αυτο το ποστ στο audizine.com

Trip Computer Retrofit

Instrument Cluster Module 17
A019,0,Additional Features
A019,5,Additional Features
A019,6,?xxxx: Illumination
A019,7,0 = Needle and Scale only active at "Light ON"
A019,8,1 = Needle already active at "Ignition ON"
A019,9,2 = Scale already active at "Ignition ON"
A019,10,3 = Scale (2nd Map) and Needle at "Ignition ON" active
A019,11,x?xxx: Board computer
A019,12,0 = only Level 2 (Long Time Memory)
A019,13,1 = Level 1 and 2
A019,14,xx?xx: Driver Information System (DIS)
A019,15,0 = DIS
A019,16,1 = Highline without DIS
A019,17,2 = DIS with Menu Guide
A019,18,3 = DIS with Menu Guide and Unit Changing
A019,19,xxx?x: Lap Timer
A019,20,+1 = Lap Timer active (RS4 only)
A019,21,xxxx?: Remote Clock
A019,22,+1 = Remote Clock active
A019,23,+2 = Sport Seats installed (RS4 only)

C00,Steering Wheel Electronics (J527) Coding
C01,0?xxx: Steering Wheel
C02,0 = Standard (without Multifunction)
C03,1 = 3-Spoke Steering Wheel (Sport Steering Wheel)
C04,2 = Multifunction Steering Wheel with Radio Control
C05,3 = Multifunction Steering Wheel with Radio/Telephone Control
C06,4 = Multifunction Steering Wheel with Radio/Telephone/Voice Control
C07,5 = Multifunction Steering Wheel with Radio/Voice Control
C08,0x?xx: Options
C09,+1 = Tiptronic
C10,0xx?x: Board Computer & Cruise Control
C11,0 = Board Computer & Cruise Control not installed
C12,1 = Board Computer installed
C13,2 = Cruise Control installed
C14,4 = Board Computer & Cruise Control installed
C15,0xxx?: Rear Wiper (Chassis)
C16,1 = Rear Wiper not installed (Sedan/Cabriolet)
C17,2 = Rear Wiper installed (Avant)


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Δες στο παρακάτω link μιας και το έχω κάνει και έχω περιγράψει την διαδικασία με λεπτομέρεια... 



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